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Prison Enterprises - Making a Difference

Prison Enterprises (PE), a division of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, operates a diverse group of industry, agriculture and service programs located at eight correctional facilities throughout Louisiana.  Correctional Industries is a unique blend of business and government providing a public service.  These industries offer jobs that teach offenders valuable skills, as well as a work ethic and a sense of responsibility; all of which are vital for eventual reentry to society and the security of the institutions.  In addition to employing offenders, PE also strives to provide quality products and services to our customers at competitive prices.  The trades offenders learn in Prison Enterprises' operations include, but are not limited to: sewing, carpentry, welding, printing, embroidery, silk screening and farming.


A key way to measure the success of what we do is by looking at the recidivism rate, which measures the rate at which offenders repeat criminal behavior once released from prison. The recidivism rate for the men and women who work for Prison Enterprises is lower than the overall recidivism rate.  This is significant because when offenders successfully reenter our society, Louisiana becomes economically stronger and our communities are safer.  

Raymond - Production Worker

Donald - AG Equipment Operator

Chris - AG Equipment Operator

Travis - Horse Trainer / Cowboy

How You Can Make a Difference 
If you are a local, parish, or state governmental entity or a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization you can purchase any item in our state contract without bidding and delivery is absolutely free. When you purchase from Prison Enterprises, not only do you receive quality products and services, but you are helping Louisiana's local economy and contributing to the growth of the offenders who make our products. PE's on-the-job experiences teach trades and work ethic, as well as spark interests and uncover talents. Bettering these offenders is not only beneficial to institutional security, but helps them reenter society successfully, which in turn improves Louisiana's communities. Together, we can help offenders help themselves - and a better Louisiana will result.