Am I (or my company) eligible to buy from PE?
The following groups and individuals are eligible to purchase from Prison Enterprises:
   • Tax-supported institutions and government subdivisions, including state, parish and city agencies, and school districts. 
   • Non-profit groups - including churches, fraternal organizations, parochial schools or 501(c)(3) organizations.


My private company is not located in Louisiana. Can I purchase PE products?
PE is not allowed to sell offender manufactured goods outside the state of Louisiana, except to certain governmental agencies. 


How do I place an order?
If you are eligible to purchase from PE you can submit an agency purchase order via our online store, fax, or email.  
If you prefer, you can contact your sales representative to submit an order. 


I have a question about my bill. Who should I contact?
Questions concerning billing can be directed to our Headquarters Office, 225-342-6633, or your sales representative.


How can I find out the status of my order?
PE understands how important your order delivery date is to you. 
Therefore, we offer several options for you to find out the status of your order.

Call our sales desk at 800-256-9646.
Email our sales desk at  
Contact your sales representative. 


How can I get more information on PE products and services?
We offer several ways for you to receive more information on our products or services. 

Call our sales desk at 800-256-9646. 
Email our sales desk at
Contact your sales representative


Who makes the products that PE sells?
Prison Enterprises trains offenders at several facilities in Louisiana. These offenders, who are supervised by PE staff, manufacture all of the products PE sells.


How long will it take to receive my order?
The majority of PE products are made-to-order. Therefore, delivery times depend on several factors such as product complexity, pending plant orders, and our delivery schedule. General delivery times are as follows:


Office Chairs: 45 Days

Office Furniture/Restoration: 45 – 60 Days

Soap/Cleaning Products: 15 Days

Signs & Silk Screen: 30 Days

Printing: 30 Days

Embroidery: 30 – 45 Days

Mattresses & Pillows: 15 – 30 Days

Linens/Laundry Bags: 30 Days

Garments: 30 Days

Uniforms: 45 Days

Metal Fabrication: Please call Toll free: 888.399.6633 or Local: 225.342.6633 for current delivery estimate

Please contact your sales representative or the sales desk (800-256-9646) if you need more information.


What will the shipping charges be on my order?
PE does not charge shipping on orders.


I'd like to see a sample before I place an order. How can I do this?
We encourage you to see first-hand the quality products that PE produces. We have a large variety of products on display in our showroom. If necessary, our sales staff may also be able to bring a standard product sample to you.


Who do I contact to get a product I’ve purchased from PE repaired?
For repairs, please call your sales representative, or contact the sales desk (800-256-9646). 


Do my tax dollars support PE?
Prison Enterprises is a self-supporting division of the Department of Corrections. Revenue from the sale of products pays for all costs of operation - including  salaries, offender wages, raw materials, and equipment. No tax dollars are directly appropriated by the legislature.